Accompany, secure and promote individual career paths



In 2015, ten engineer and technician competitive selection sessions were organised, mainly for ‘research’ functions within the units (6 out 10 positions). Twenty researcher positions were offered via competitive selection (10 CR2 research associate positions and 10 DR2 research director positions) in all disciplines represented within the Institute.


The development of cross-cutting expertise was continued, with managerial capacities for top-level and intermediate supervisory roles, project management and training in how to chair meetings. In addition to the cycle for young researchers through research partnerships, innovative actions for the scientific community focused on educational design expertise, including distance learning and a seminar introducing MOOCs. The development of professional expertise led to new actions with training on state regulations, how to respond to a EuropeAid call for projects, how to manage a EuropeAid grant agreement and ERDF financial arrangements.

Employment policy

A new agreement on the employment of disabled workers for 2015 – 2017 was signed by the FIPFHP disability organisation and IRD. Through this, the Institute can continue the actions undertaken to facilitate the integration of workers with disabilities and adapt working conditions for agents with health issues.
To improve the support available for agents who are expatriated or on extended assignments, a partnership with a new assistance firm – ISOS – will give staff access to support in crisis situations and help raise awareness on how to avoid hazardous situations.
On the question of work-life balance, the IRD AOS agreement has been extended for a year pending negotiations. After a call for tenders, the holiday voucher benefit scheme has been reintroduced.

Key figures

Professional equality

Professional equality is an important issue for the Institute, in particular in terms of partnerships with developing countries. It is part of a national policy where the public sector has a duty to set an example.