IRD 2016 Report


Key figures

2,019 agents

with 805 researchers
and 1,214 engineers and technicians

  • IRD adopts its new strategic plan

    This new plan proposes a strong vision: the scientific requirement in the service of the sustainable and human development, fair partnership and innovation.

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  • COP22: IRD’s involvement

    The 22nd Conference of the parties of the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in Marrakesh from 7-18 November 2016. After its involvement in COP20 and 21, IRD naturally took part in COP22, putting special focus on Mediterranean issues.

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  • Publication of a special issue of The Lancet

    A special issue of the Lancet was published about the contribution of the French health system to the establishment of a universal social security cover and the role of France in the sanitary diplomacy.

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  • Campus of Innovation for the Planet

    In June 2016, IRD launched a Campus of Innovation for the Planet, an open science, partnership project to foster greater contributions from research to the design of solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.

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  • Presentation of the IRD expert group review on ‘deep-sea mineral resources in French Polynesia’

    Commissioned by the French Polynesian government and the French State, this goal of this expert group review was to establish the current state of knowledge of deep-sea mineralisations in French Polynesia in order to measure the potential for establishing a deep-sea mining a deep-sea mining sector and to formulate precise recommendations on the issue.

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  • European development days

    Organized every year by the European Commission, these days gather every year the community of the development to share ideas and experiences and generate new partnerships and innovative solutions.

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  • A new visual identity

    The new visual charter of the IRD is the reflection of the new dynamics of the Institution and its strategic priorities.

  • 350th birthday of the Academy of Science

    Organized in partnership with the IRD, this demonstration associated international organizations.

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  • IRD at Habitat III

    The third United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development (Habitat III) was held in Quito (Ecuador) from 17-20 October 2016.

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  • 16th Francophonie Summit

    On 26-27 November Madagascar hosted the 16th Francophonie Summit, on the theme "Shared Growth and Responsible Development: the Conditions of World Stability and the Stability of the Francophone Space".

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Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD.

The unprecedented international mobilisation of the scientific community seen during the March for Science on 22 April 2017, instigated by our American colleagues – including the appeal of the French President on 1 June 2017 to foreign researchers, inviting them to come to France, where they could pursue the fight against global warming – serve to remind us, as if proof were necessary, that the challenges facing us and affecting the future of the entire planet mean that it is essential to defend responsible, committed and genuinely independent scientific research, free from special interests of any kind.

Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD.

Challenges and solutions