Scientific integrity


At national level, the French Office for Scientific Integrity (OFIS) was created on 22 March 2017, at a ceremony at the State Secretariat for Research and Higher Education. This creation follows the report by Professor Corvol (2016), and aims to implement the Deontology Charter for research professions, signed by research and higher education establishments in 2015. As a complement to this creation, the majority of the establishments involved in public research and many higher education establishments have nominated a Scientific Integrity Officer. These people are united in the network of Scientific Integrity Officers, which meets four times a year and works in synergy with the OFIS.

At IRD, the nomination of the Scientific Integrity Officer was validated in April 2016. The first dossier on scientific integrity breaches was begun in 2016 and completed in 2017, after the nomination of a group of experts by the establishment’s CEO, following a proposal from the officer.

Furthermore, as part of an information and awareness raising policy, several actions were taken in 2017 by the Officer, in the bodies (CHSCT, CA) and among scientists (Day of DUs and Representatives, Mivegec Unity Day, DU Meeting under the Health and Society Department). IRD took part in the AVIESAN seminar of 13 December 2017, on “Research excellence requires integrity”.

Interventions will continue in the research units in 2018, in the form of conference-debates on scientific integrity issues.