Supporting the new dynamics of the IRD community


2018 was marked by the consolidated devolution of support functions initiated in 2016: the management scope of regional delegations gradually increased, as it now covers to contracts and HR, before extending to promotion and innovation in the near future.

The improvement of the establishment’s management tools continues, in keeping with the pooling and interoperability processes advocated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Changes in our network of controllers were also a highlight of 2018, with the arrival of new controllers, staff operating under local law, to satisfy the objective determined as part of changes to the network of representatives abroad and Overseas. An initial training seminar was organised in Marseille by the HRD and ACP in October.

Studies and analyses carried out in 2018 by research support departments ensured better visibility in terms of the deployment of IRD’s staff: 2011 – 2024 career path or analysis of the presence in the Global South presented to IRD’s governing bodies.

In addition to the fairness objective pursued by this reform, the scaling back of the foreign residence allowance rates applicable as of 1st February 2018 generates margins which may be used towards all instruments and mechanisms contributing to the research dynamic for development in the Global South.

Support agents took ownership of the Objectives and performance contract (COP) and its variations at mission level throughout 2018, thanks to the organisation of seminars based on regional delegations, allowing everyone to contribute to the attainment of the establishment’s strategic objectives.

New organisation of the HR activity and projects of high importance

In 2017, the Institute laid the groundwork for a new organisation based on the devolution principle, which notably impacted the Human Resources Division (HRD) in 2018.

2018 budget confirms the new dynamics featured in the COP

The Institute’s COP features five guiding principles which underpin the establishment’s fiscal policy.

Promoting IRD’s activities and values

IRD’s communication strategy must respond to two major issues featured in the 2016-2030 strategic direction plan (POS) and in the 2016-2020 objectives and performance contract (COP).

A new information system for new ambitions

The transformation of the information system is part of the ambitions of IRD’s COP, in line with its Strategic Direction Plan.

And in the future?

2019, marked by the 75th anniversary of the Institute, will see the consolidation of the way research support functions are organised to benefit the units, as well as continued modernisation and simplification via the use of new tools: European HR certification, new online application, IRD Lab tool, providing better visibility of our research units’ activity… and many other projects which will help modernise the Institute and simplify its management processes.