Assessment and consultancy


The “Assessment and Consultancy” mission was created within the Science Division at the end of 2018. IRD’s assessment and consultancy activity builds upon research results for development, by assessing what is known, deficient, incomplete or uncharted. It comes into play before public policies are formulated, or in response to a question raised by a sponsor, which can be based on available knowledge.

The objectives of the Mission is to promote the quality, diversity and integrity of IRD’s expertise and coordinate its development in conjunction with the departments and services of the Science Division, Development Division and Support Division. Through interactions and synergy with the scientific departments and the other missions of the Science Division, it helps research teams transfer scientific knowledge to development aid decision-makers and donors.

In 2018, three collective assessments were launched:

As part of major consulting activities, an in-depth case study on migrations in Mali was initiated this year at the request of Sweden’s ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In partnership with the EGIS-EAU engineering group, IRD was selected to participate in AFD’s “ADAPT’ACTION” service level and technical assistance framework agreement, which covers the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) in sectoral public policies affected by climate change, and of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, for seminal “climate” projects.