Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD.

On the eve of its 75th anniversary, we are proud to assert IRD’s specific identity and added value within the national and global landscape of scientific research for sustainable development. As illustrated by this 2018 activity report, our Institute continues its positive development, underpinned by the objectives determined as part of its Strategic direction plan (POS) for 2030, laid out for 2016-2020 in the Objectives and performance contract (COP) signed with its line ministries.

In 2018, the Institute focused in particular on raising the international profile of the scientific partnership with its colleagues from countries in the intertropical and Mediterranean zone, notably in Africa, during the 14th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on biological diversity (COP14) in Egypt in November, and the 24th UN climate change conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland, in December.

IRD acted as a driving force to ensure “sustainability science”, to which its researchers and their partners fully contribute, has a voice in the global debate and, whenever possible, in decisions relating to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), including within alliances such as AllEnvi, which I have been chairing since July of last year.

Furthermore, a number of large-scale projects were undertaken by the Institute in 2018 to renew its mechanisms, including the gradual implementation of interdisciplinary partnership scientific programmes (PSIP) based on major sustainable development issues, the diversification of its partnership tools with a focus on LMI and JEAI calls for projects, the introduction of South-North and South-South exchanges and, more importantly, the creation of international research groups-Global South (GDRI-Sud).

The network of representatives has now been consolidated, and we made every effort, whenever possible, to share representational functions with some of the major partners of the French higher education and research system (CIRAD, CNRS, MNHN, universities) and to jointly develop research programmes with partners from countries where we operate, notably via the establishment of joint Scientific and Strategic Steering Committees (CP2S).

Support for the scientific partnership with developing countries resulted in actions designed to consolidate its presence and recognition in the next 2021-2027 European framework programme, and raise its partners’ awareness of new guidelines in terms of open science. In keeping with its values and missions, IRD sought to redefine its commercial exploitation policy and devise a new intellectual property policy.

The necessary modernisation of research support functions continued, by improving our ability to secure funding for research programmes from donors, foundations and development assistance administrations.

The increased provision of services to joint research units by regional delegations in mainland France became a reality with the gradual devolution of research support functions. Finally, the development of a new multi-annual real estate strategy scheme (SPSI) and a new 2019-2023 digital master plan (SDN) will enhance the coherence of our action while helping us launch ambitious initiatives.

Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD.

Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD.