IRD across the world


The strong and permanent presence of IRD researchers in the laboratories of its partners in the Mediterranean area and the intertropical zone is a specific asset of IRD: it is one of the leading methods of its equitable partnership model with the South.

IRD’s contribution to the international agenda

In 2017, IRD strengthened its position as a contributor to debates on the global environment and sustainable development.

Research for development in Europe

IRD’s European strategy aims to promote the importance of research for development in helping formulate responses to the shared, global challenges confronting the European Union and developing countries, and in encouraging dedicated alliances and theme-based networks.

A broader, more varied, optimised IRD network abroad and in the French overseas territories

The network of IRD representatives continued its expansion in 2017.

Towards new partnerships (AFD and foundations)

In April 2017, IRD set up the new partnerships and development funding mission.