IRD 2017 Report



Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD

2017 consolidated IRD’s positive trajectory. Our two governing ministries have recognised this trajectory through the performance contract (COP) adopted in spring. An operational breakdown of the Strategic Direction Plan (POS) adopted in July 2016, this document specifies the Institute’s scientific strategy, particularly around ten seminal, interdisciplinary partnership programmes (PSIPs). In it, IRD consolidates its position in the international development agenda and its critical and constructive approach to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, for 2030. It places innovation and research promotion at the heart of its missions. Finally, it confirms its policy for deconcentration and the strengthening of the management functions of its head office.

Jean-Paul Moatti, Chairman and CEO of IRD

Key figures

2 013 agents

including 833 researchers
and 1180 engineers and technicians


  • Logo of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Global Sustainable Development Report

    Jean-Paul Moatti, CEO of IRD, has been nominated for the group of 15 international experts.

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  • INFRAVEC2 project logo

    Launch of the Infravec2 project

    On 14 February 2018, the European Commission officially gave its green light to the Infravec2 project dedicated to fighting mosquito-borne diseases.

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  • ICEMEMORY program logo

    ICE MEMORY: second expedition on the Illimani glacier

    Collecting ice cores from the glaciers most exposed to climate change and storing them in Antarctica for future generations of scientists: this is the objective of ICE MEMORY, an international programme to preserve the memory of glaciers.

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  • NOPOOR project logo

    Final Conference of the NOPOOR European project

    The NOPOOR project, coordinated by IRD since 2012, is the European Union's largest research programme dedicated to the fight against poverty in developing countries.

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  • Fabienne Hejoaka / MAH Gueye / Senegalese children's drawings for HIV prevention showing Three wise women and the red knot symbol

    HIV: therapeutic progress for the Global South

    The ANRS MOBIDIP trial was conducted simultaneously in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The trial demonstrates the effectiveness of a dual therapy for patients with multiple HIV mutations.

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  • The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation logo

    The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation supports a project to combat cross-border malaria

    Eliminating malaria requires ongoing coordinated efforts at global level (“global war”), but also targeted combat (“local guerrillas”) in local contexts that favour continued transmission.

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  • 2017 UNCCD COP13 logo

    COP13: IRD researchers in action

    From 6 to 16 September 2017, China hosted the 13th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

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  • Portrait of Elisabeth Barbier, Deputy Director General of the Institute

    Elisabeth Barbier appointed Deputy Director General of the IRD

    On 1 November 2017, Jean-Paul Moatti, CEO of IRD, named Elisabeth Barbier Deputy Director General of the Institute.

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  • Field of millet

    The genome of millet sequenced

    A study co-ordinated by an international consortium bringing together French (IRD), Indian and Chinese researchers and involving many researchers from laboratories in the North and South, has for the first time made it possible to sequence the genome of millet.

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  • Logo of the «African Union / European Union» Summit, Abidjan 2017

    Launch of the “Abidjan Appeal”

    In the context of the African Union-European Union Summit held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on 29 and 30 November, African researchers launched the “2017 Abidjan Appeal in favour of science and technology”.

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