IRD across the world


The strong and permanent presence of IRD researchers in the laboratories of its partners in the Mediterranean area and the intertropical zone is a specific asset of IRD: it is one of the leading methods of its equitable partnership model with the South.

IRD’s contribution to the international agenda

In 2018, relationships with the World Bank were strengthened. IRD supported the applications of several African partners as part of the 3rd call for African centres of excellence (ACE IMPACT) funded by the World Bank and AFD. In partnership with CIRAD and CNRS, IRD is a partner to 16 of the 44 African centres of excellence in West Africa.

Research for development in Europe

IRD’s European advocacy work, co-ordinated by the European affairs service and facilitated by the presence of a representative based in Brussels, has strengthened IRD’s visibility and its influence in the European institutions.

A broader, more varied, optimised IRD network abroad and in the French overseas territories

The first mission of IRD and its network abroad and in the French overseas territories is to contribute through research to the emergence, strengthening and empowerment of scientific communities and higher education and research systems in the countries in which it operates, while striving to respond to the population’s requirements.

Towards new partnerships (AFD and foundations)

In 2018, the new partnerships and development funding mission sought to encourage exchanges between scientific and philanthropic networks, consolidate relationships with foundations close to IRD and with prospects, support governance, and guide researchers towards the collection of private funds.